My clients and I are wrapping up the first month of the year FOCUED and on FIRE! We have set some serious goals for our overall health and happiness in 2020 and cant’ wait to check off January and celebrate our progress! The most rewarding thing about coaching is that I get to have a small part in helping people change there lives! I am grateful to be able to follow along every step of the way as clients go on to becoming the BEST versions of themselves!

I get questions all the time about what it is I do as a coach.  I also get people who say they wish they could do what I do!  Well, guess what?  YOU CAN! Four years ago I started my business from home with a busted up old laptop and the camera on my phone.  My kiddos would leave for school and I would get to work on connecting with others in hopes to help them achieve their desired health and fitness goals.  I was 100% coachable and super passionate about helping people.  And when I started I myself was facing the challenge of losing 30 pounds! The bonus of this was that as people saw me working on my own progress they were excited to cheer me on and even join in! To this day four years later I am still a work in progress, I am constantly working to be a better version of myself not only physically but mentally as well!

I quickly saw that this business was a way to get the products that I was using paid for, to help a few friends + family members and eventually turn it into a full-time career. My income was a direct result of my hard work so I hustled in order to make it happen.

Now I want to partner up with you and show you what I’ve done in order to help you to do it too.

If you yourself have health and fitness goals that you are working hard to accomplish and you would love to help other’s reach their goals or maybe you just want to get your product paid for, or like me you have a strong interest or need to create an income then check it out!

If you want to learn more right now you can watch this quick video about what I do: What Is Coaching

Looking forward to hearing back from you!  Make sure to fill out the form above to join the private sneak peek into coaching group!


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