A few years ago I was putting off losing the weight. I kept telling myself that the end of the year was a terrible time to start, there would be way to much drinking and eating! And besides I would start January 1 with the rest of the world! The problem with this is that I felt horrible come January 1 and it actually took me until January 12th to act get my act together.

I have learned through trial and error that what I eat and drink and how I spend my free time greatly effects how I feel about myself and how I react to my work, my friends, and my love ones. So I no longer wait to make a New Years resolution and I urge you not to wait either!

Instead why not make an end of the year resolution like a pre-test, or a trial run to your actual resolution!

For instance if your goal is to lose weight in 2020, maybe you try implementing a few, not all of the necessary actions. With a few tweaks to your every day life you could be laying the groundwork for the consistent action that you will need to take in order to reach your larger New Year Goal!

A few examples may be trying out a few different workouts to see which ones are the most fun! If a workout is to complicated, or you feel clumsy or incapable you’ll be less likely to stick with it. These last few weeks are a perfect opportunity to try new things, while there is no pressure. Starting small will build momentum.

Another small change could be to change up your breakfast. Or for some of you to actually eat breakfast in the first place! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast gets your metabolism going, it is essential for your brain function and mood and has been proven that by skipping breakfast you will be more likely to overeat throughout the day.

A pre-resolution isn’t as dramatic, if you slip up in the next three weeks all is not lost. Use this time as a way to find out more information, implement tactics and learn what it will take to achieve your goal without the pressure of failing!


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