We are fast approaching for what most of us will be the busiest time of the year. And it is no wonder that with all the cleaning, cooking, shopping and entertaining we may begin to feel overwhelmed! And with all of the lists that we are making we tend to leave the most important thing off of it and that is ourselves.  Don’t forget about your self this year put your phone down, take a few minutes to stroll the neighborhood, and if you are feeling that there is to much to do and not enough time to do it in step back and take a few deep breaths, give your self a moment of clarity to refocus!

Try my TOP 3 TIPS in order to minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays and create best practices that you can use the whole year through.


I have made a conscious effort Sunday through Thursday nights and on weekends if the teenagers are all under my roof to UNPLUG from the tech world one hour before going to sleep. I close out my 4 bazillion open tabs, set my alarm and put my phone in my closet for the night. Scrolling your phone before bed not only stimulates your brain but the blue light emitted by it’s LED screen interferes with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. And with all you need to get done in the day you need your sleep!


The list of benefits that comes from exercising daily is about a mile long! Exercise not only helps you look better BUT the real bang for your buck comes with the feel good endorphins that you produce when active! These endorphins that not only make you feel better are also the same ones that help sharpen your memory and thinking! Exercise also leads to having a higher self-esteem. Exercise is an investment in your mind, body, and soul and when it becomes a habit, it can foster your sense of self-worth and make you feel strong and powerful. And if that isn’t enough of a reason to take care of your self through a daily sweat session, you’ll have more energy through the day and sleep better through the night.


By fitting in a time to mediate during your day even if it is 5-10 minutes you are reaping the rewards of numerous both psychical and psychological health benefits. Meditation literally grows your brain! Not only will setting aside a time for a daily mediation practice make you smarter; it increases your memory and attention. Meditation among other things reduces blood pressure and heart rate, boosts your immune system and slows down the aging process! YEP! WOW! Overall mediation will allow you to reduce stress by filling you with positive emotions and allowing you to focus and be present and in doing so boost your over all wellbeing.

I hope these tips can be of some help to you. I am always sharing tips and what works for me when it comes to improving my overall health and wellness within my Challenge Group. I share my best practices when it comes to fitness and nutrition as well as my favorite recipes and meal plans. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in submit the form below and I will contact you with more information about the program and my upcoming challenge group.

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