The holiday season is one of the most difficult times of the year for people to stay committed to their health and fitness. And almost impossible for others who don’t have a plan or routine already in place to start something they have never done before.

The idea that they will wait until after the holidays is over is ridiculous. We have 2 holidays in the next two months, that’s it, two actual days where there is an abundance of treats, sweets and eats!

Think if you were to do something to benefit yourself over these next two months instead of waiting, if you moved a bit more your overall stress and anxiety of the holidays would be considerably lower. Your weight gain would be minimal if not non-existent, in comparison to the typical adult who gains a whopping 6 pounds over the holiday season!

Follow these three tips to help you have HEALTHIEST holiday season yet!


The THREE c’s of GROWTH:

1. COACH: If you are looking to enhance any area of your life you should seek out a coach or a mentor someone who can assist you in reaching your goals, educate you and guide you in that area.

2. CONSISTENCY: In order to create success in that area you will need to be consistent. Think of the things you do each day that are required of you to do consistently in order for you to survive, sleep, eat, breathe! Consistency is KEY! You have to make a plan and then show up daily and execute.

3. COMMUNITY: Connecting and leaning in to a community of people with like minded goals and aspirations is key to long term growth and sustainability!

I offer 1:1 services for FREE. I can assist you in choosing a fitness and nutrition program that is the right one for you and guide you into completing it consistently CHALLENGE GROUPS are currently open you can plug into an online community.  Everything you need to get started is within a CHALLENGE PACK and they are currently on sale all month during my NO EXCUSE NOVEMBER sale!

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