We are quickly closing in on CANDY Season People! Bring on the scary costumes, jack-o-lanterns and all things sugar, it’s HALLOWEEN!

Below I have complied three easy tips to help you survive all things Halloween Candy related!

Most of us know that sugar is incredibly addicting and as part of a healthy diet it should be avoided or eaten in small infrequent amounts. Without a plan you may find yourself overloading on candy, and this is not something you want to happen, especially because it will effect the health and fitness goals that you have work so hard to achieve. You may think that following these tips will be difficult and zero FUN, but the key is to prepare yourself for success, enjoy a few of your favorites guilt-free on the actual holiday, then clean it up and get back to business as usual!

Follow these tips to avoid falling face first in a bucket of candy!

TIPS to avoiding the candy overload!

  1. Wait until the last minute to purchase candy: The aisles have been full of sugar-loaded treats since back-to-school!  There is absolutely no reason you need to buy your candy and  bring it into your home now. If you wait until the night before or even the day of you will save yourself the temptation of reaching into the bag nightly! One day and a few candies aren’t going to ruin everything, but days of eating a few here and there will add up leaving you feeling guilty, irritable and sick to your stomach.
  2. Buy candy that you don’t like: I will eat almost any type of candy! But there are some that I can pass up! When purchasing candy to hand out to the neighborhood trick-or treaters buy something that you can easily pass up. Buying loads of your favorites just makes it harder on yourself! Another great idea because bringing candy to school is usually frowned upon is giving out snack sized bags of chips, pretzels or goldfish or even granola or power bars. This way kids have something FUN to take in there lunch bag the next day!
  3. Get rid of it: It is way harder for my kiddos then it is for me to clean up the candy bag and get rid of most of it! BUT aside from throwing it out there are many ways to get rid of halloween candy that you may not be aware of. Most dentist’s or orthodontist’s collect candy and in some cases may even pay per pound! My nephew actually won an IPAD one Halloween from his Orthodontist at the time in a contest for the most candy donated! There are also groups who will collect the candy and have to shipped overseas to our troops check your local Facebook pages for information on a group in your area.

Halloween can be a true test of your willpower but if you give into your sweet tooth don’t beat yourself up over it! One day isn’t going to ruin your health forever!

****Reminder: Need a quick way to get yourself back on track after Halloween and before Thanksgiving to join in my 3 day plant based cleanse on November 5-7th!

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