Thanks for checking out this article on the ULTIMATE PORTION FIX. I have been following this way of clean eating and tracking macros since January of 2016, when I finally said, “enough is enough!”. Way too many Netflix series and trays (yep trays) of Baked Ziti and I had seriously packed on the pounds! 

Since the UPF I have developed a passion for nutrition and how to sustainably eat clean and feed my family. I no longer believe in or take part in the so called “quick fix diets” and trust me I have tried them all, a lot of them! No-carbs, low-carbs, juice cleanses, and even a cabbage soup diet (that was a doozy!)

Anytime I followed one of the diets above I was able to complete them and lose weight but as soon as they were over, I hadn’t really learned anything, and they were so restrictive that all the weight came back. Omitting whole food groups, alcohol, or sweets entirely is just NUTSO! I can not survive without the occasional Waffle Fries + adult beverage for dinner. The Ultimate Portion Fix has allowed me to eat healthy and still enjoy some of my favorite things!

The Ultimate Portion Fix is about choices. About choosing what you eat and being able to still eat the sweets, treats and other things you love. Your daily choices will lead to your big picture results when it comes to your health and fitness. This nutrition program will teach you how to choose wisely.

You’ve looked into every diet fad, seen social media influencers proclaiming they’ve made the big discovery, and like me you may have even tried them all and I’m willing to bet you’re still frustrated because nothing’s working for the long term. That stops now!

The Ultimate Portion Fix is about giving your body exactly what it needs to operate at its best! No starving. No random points that disregard food source. No fasting. No trendy fad. This is how you enjoy food, and get the most out of it because it feeds your body what it needs.

The Ultimate Portion Fix program will show you how to make losing weight simpler and best of all it is sustainable. Portion control is just the beginning. In this new program, creator Autumn Calabrese  dives in to other principles including balanced macronutrients and eliminating processed foods from your diet.

You will learn how to:

*Break your sugar addiction: You’ll learn WHY you’re addicted to sugar (because knowledge is power) and how you can break the addiction. You’ll be armed with grocery lists, meal plans, and easy-to-make recipes that emphasize whole-food ingredients, so you can finally cut down on processed foods without cutting out the joy of eating.

*Get the whole family healthy: Those days of prepping one meal for the kids and one for the adults are over. The program includes what and how much your kids should be eating, to getting them to eat enough fruits and veggies, and even how to end the “I’m only eating chicken nuggets for dinner” battle once and for all.

*Feed yourself for performance:  you’ll learn how you can customize your eating plan to your goal, whether it’s to lose those stubborn last 10 pounds or build muscle. The nutrition strategies are designed to maximize your nutrition so you can maximize your results — whether you’re paleo, vegan, or gluten-free.

With Ultimate Portion Fix, you’ll get more than just the tools for quick, healthy weight loss you’ll learn how to take control of your eating habits for a happier + healthier life!

My next Challenge Group starts Monday October 6th and we will not only be incorporating 30 minutes of exercise into our daily routine; but I will be sharing with you my best practices when it comes to using the Ultimate Portion Fix, as well as my favorite recipes and meal plans. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in submit the form below and I will contact you with more information about the program and my upcoming challenge group. 

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